Web Audit

Improve your online store or website

You have a website or online store and you still don't know its potential. With our audit we review up to 140 points of your site so you can improve it. 

Audit for online stores and websites - Tebiko digital agency in Monterrey Mexico - We advise you to understand everything you can do to improve your site

Audit for websites and online store

We make a complete and professional diagnosis of your site or store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a website or online store and you are not sure what you can do to improve your customers' experience, the audit service is for you. 

If you already know exactly what you want and need for your site and just need help making those implementations or modifications then the support service is ideal for you.

The audit service is a professional diagnosis of the site or online store. It does NOT include making the modifications, adjustments or proposals seen in the audit. 

It takes us 3-5 business days, once we have the audit a 2 hour video call will be made. 

Yes, once the audit is finished, if you require a quote for some of the proposed items, we will be glad to see you. 


It is recommended that you give us access to make a better diagnosis, but it is optional. 

The audit includes a diagnosis where at least 140 points of the site are reviewed. Design, configuration, user experience, SEO, marketing and other additional aspects are reviewed. 

All that is required is the payment of the audit fee and with that we can get started.