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Shopify Partners in Mexico - Tebiko Digital Agency in Monterrey Mexico, Experts in e-commerce and web design
Shopify Experts in Monterrey Mexico - Tebiko e-commerce agency experts in Shopify

Why Shopify?

Shopify is an online platform that helps you with all aspects of your store or ecommerce. It is created for those who are just starting out and even for the best and most demanded brands and stores in the world. 

The best checkout in the world

With Shopify you can have one of the best interfaces and checkout performance for an online store or ecommerce. Accept different payment methods, set up different shipping methods. Everything you need to start receiving your first order and grow to tens of thousands of orders per day.

Payment engines in Mexico - Tebiko Digital agency and ecommerce agency in Mexico - Experts in Shopify and Woocommerce

Receive money 24/7

Accept all major payment engines in Mexico with Shopify. Accept card payments, wire transfer, cash and even paying in installments. 

Shipping Methods for your online store in Mexico - Tebiko Agencia digital Expertos en Shopify y Woocommerce


Connect your online store with the best parcels through integrations such as Enví, SkydropX Teiker and more. You can ship via Fedex, DHL, UPS, Estafeta and more.

Ready to get started with Shopify?

Shopify and Tebiko - Best e-commerce agencies - best shopify agencies in Mexico

Shopify Partners in Mexico

Do you want to start an online store, migrate from another platform or get help with your online store? We can help you with all that, we are Shopify Partners in Mexico.

Working with Shopify since 2010

Shopify Partner Services

We have different services to help you create and improve your online store.

Online store design and development

We help you with the design and development of your ecommerce online store.

Each store goes through more than 120 check points

Website Process - Tebiko e-commerce agency in Monterrey Mexico - Shopify and Woocommerce

Customer reviews

CEOs, executive directors, marketing experts and entrepreneurs recommend us

I have worked 2 websites with Tebiko and both times everything has been excellent, they are very professional and have a lot of experience, also if there is any idea that you want to implement on the site and if they have not done it before they help you find options, they are always oriented to resolve doubts and even if the design of something you do not like they make changes to make it exactly as you want, I before finding this agency I worked with others and it was a real headache, so I highly recommend them and certainly in my next projects will be my choice.


Indra Fonseca

Indra Fonseca - Tebiko

Excellent service from Tebiko! The team was incredibly professional and helped us to optimize our online store in an effective way. We recommend Daniel and his team for any company or venture that wants to take their e-commerce to a better level!



Alterco - Tebiko

Excellent service! Follow up, attention, delivery time and price-quality of the best. Thank you Daniel!


HG Transportations

HG Transportes - Tebiko

In my case I have ordered the redesign of my website and the service has been excellent. They have been very attentive and professional. I came for a recommendation and the truth is that everything was great.


Carlos Barrera

Carlos Barrera - Tebiko

Excellent to work with, very knowledgeable and we were very satisfied with the work done. Highly recommended.


Bortoni Motors Sports

Bortoni Motors Sports - Tebiko

Incredible service experience in all aspects for ELEMENTA ( Daniel and his team have given us an incredible, highly personalized attention. 1000% recommended!


Erick Rodriguez

Erick Rodriguez - Tebiko

A great experience working with Tebiko! Daniel always attentive and attentive to all doubts! Thanks for everything!


Enrique Estrop

Enrique Estrop - Tebiko

Excellent service. They solved several issues of my ecommerce web very quickly. Besides, the advice was very clear. I highly recommend!



Katia - Tebiko

Very good service, the whole process was very clear and they met the objectives we were looking for.


Adrian Villarreal

Adrian Villarreal - Tebiko

Shopitek provided a redesign of our corporate website. They were timely, cost effective, and easy to work with. The new site is much easier to navigate and give a great visual representation of what we do.


DNA Group

DNA Group - Tebiko

If I recommend it, it is for sure they are professional and have a very good customer service, they resolve situations on time. Without a doubt it is an agency you can trust. I purchased a WordPress website service with a booking system.


Yadira Mora

Yadira Mora - Tebiko

Great experience... very good attention, they gave me a job with a lot of detail, you can see that they took the time to think about your comments and proposals. I would not hesitate to work with them again and I would definitely recommend them.


Erick Ramirez

Erick Ramirez - Tebiko

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How much does Shopify cost? Shopify pricing in Mexico

These are the prices of the platform, contact us if you want to know the prices of our service.
Shopify has different plans, here you can see the prices. 

PlanPrice/monthPrice/yearTransaction feeStaff Accounts
Basic19 USD/month$168 USD/year2.0%2
Shopify$52 USD/month$468 USD/year1.0%5
Advanced$399 USD/month$3,588 USD/year0.6%15
Plus$2,500 USD/month$30,000 USD/year0.20%Unlimited

Some others vary from plan to plan such as the number of stores you can manage per store, staff among other options. For more information see the prices here. If you are interested in seeing the benefits of Shopify Plus official website here you can see them.


Shopify Plus for Business

Shopify Plus version starts at $2,500USD/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Having products to sell
  • Brand name
  • Make a 50% advance payment

The time may vary from project to project and the client's availability. An estimated time can be between 4 and 6 weeks. 

There are no minimums or limits. You can start with one product and have millions of products listed in your online store. 

We can help you to upload your products when you start your online store or afterwards. In the training we also explain you how to add, delete or edit products. 

Shopify is the most robust e-commerce platform on the market. There are more than 2 million stores currently active on Shopify. 

We have worked with other platforms, but Shopify is the one we believe provides the best balance of ease of use, flexibility and robustness. 

Once we deliver your project, you are not obliged to pay us for any forced service, monthly, yearly. We have support service but it is optional.
The only expenses you will have to cover once we deliver your online store are:

  • Domain name (approx. 500MXN/year)
  • Platform Rental ($280MXN/month)
  • Transaction commissions (this varies according to your sales volume)

In your online store you can accept offline payments (transfer, SPEI, Oxxo) and also credit or debit card payments and buy now pay later (BNPL) options.
To accept money, we use the best payment engines/gateways for your online store such as: Paypal, Mercado Pago, Conekta, Open Pay and Stripe.
These payment engines take care of the security, transaction, etc. They charge you a transaction fee and then deposit the money to your bank account.

Yes, we would only have to validate that the design is functional for both mobile and desktop devices before quoting. 

If it is a redesign or a site that is not finished, we can also support you, contact us, tell us at what stage of the project you are and we will gladly quote you.

Yes! Support is optional. We work per requirement/modules or we also have monthly monthly support.

Here are some tips that will make your online store a better sales tool. 

  • Good product images
  • Clear and transparent product descriptions
  • Transparency in shipping times
  • Ongoing promotions in your store
  • Excellent customer service 

Normally when:

  • You have a high volume of monthly orders.
  • You want to have B2B functionality.
  • You need to customize the checkout.

In this site you can do an exercise and calculate when it is convenient for you to migrate to another plan based on commissions:

Many agencies focus mainly on advertising or design and offer you as a service to build your online store. We help clients on a day to day basis to create their online stores but we also give support and that allows us to understand the needs that each store, turn needs in order to have better results. 

  • More than 12 years of experience
  • We are Shopify Partners
  • We are Shopify Experts (recommended by Shopify)
  • We have direct support from suppliers
  • Experience in the customization of online stores

The Shopify story

Learn more about Shopify's origins